What is the need of NSF to PST migration?

When you think about comprehensive email solutions, then the latest IBM Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are the industry recommended choices. Both are highly advanced email applications but stores email items in distinct file systems. IBM Lotus Notes is programmed to store entire email data in Notes Storage File (.nsf), whereas MS Outlook maintains entire email records in secured Outlook data file or PST file. Due to visible technology differences, users are prompted to perform NSF to PST migration when urgent requirement comes to read emails where compatible email platform isn’t available. Let us go through some of the scenarios:

  • When the user has Lotus Notes platform at work but MS Outlook on his laptop and he wants to access NSF files at home for finishing up some task.
  • When the user switches his job and the new company is using MS Outlook instead of Lotus Notes. To access the old emails he need to migrate them.
  • When an organization using Lotus Notes makes a decision to change the platform to MS Outlook. This could be due to much technicality involved in operating Lotus Notes and the cost linked with Notes application
Effective ways for NSF to PST migration:

What-so-ever may be reason of migrating NSF mailbox to PST format, the major concern is how to perform it in an easy and effective way? For users who are tech-savvy, Microsoft has provided a wizard that helps to migrate the NSF files to PST. But it has a limitation that the data of size more than 1 GB cannot be migrated. So, for the huge organizations that have to migrate many GBs of NSF mailboxes, this method does not turns out to be the right solution.

Another possible way is by using a commercial NSF to PST converter tool. It is one of the easiest, non-tedious and time-saving methods to perform the task. Amongst such commercial tools, Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook is one of the most efficient Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. It effortlessly lets the user to convert the Domino Server to PST or Domino Server to Exchange Server. Using it, the user can restore the images, attachments, notes, journals, sent items, drafts, address book, folder and sub-folders easily. It is embedded with two proficient modes- Standard mode and Advanced mode.

Salient Features of Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook:

Take the opportunity to download the free trial version of Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook software and get to know its features as well functionalities. If you find it suitable then purchase its full licensed version and enjoy the restriction-free functionality.