Lotus Notes is the platform that provides the users with different applications that may prove assistive in managing their business. The applications include email, calendar, items, feeds and much more. Lotus Notes was designed to keep the database accessible over LAN and WAN settings. To assist in performance of Lotus Notes, the professionals took care in developing the perfect server – Lotus Domino, which was previously known as Lotus Notes Server. It simply manages the task of distribution and receiving of Lotus Notes emails located in the Lotus mailbox. Learn more

Error 1325 is related to installation error in broad sense. It includes installation of new drive, reinstallation error in pre-existing drive and serious issues with Favorites. Moreover, error 1325 is also seen to manifest during Lotus Notes installation. While installation of Lotus Notes, the error 1325 appears as “Error 1325 – File name is not a valid short file name”. However, there are certain symptoms which clearly indicates that the Lotus Notes are subjugated by error 1325. Learn more

Many organizations are moving their user mailboxes from Lotus Notes email client to a rich-featured, and friendlier environment, like Microsoft Outlook. There are many factors responsible for migrating the data (NSF files) from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Incompatibility of data file between the email clients is one such reason. Consider a scenario where the user has to urgently open Outlook email in Lotus Notes environment. Unfortunately, there is no direct method to read it. Outlook, being one of the widely use email programs, many users are switching the platforms from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Learn more

Each email application supports a particular file format. The same goes to two most popular email applications – MS Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes. MS Outlook supports PST file format and Lotus Notes supports NSF file format. MS Outlook is more preferred in professional arena because of its easy accessibility, data management & security features, and cost-effectiveness. On other hand, Lotus Notes requires a certain set of technical knowledge to operate it.

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Switching from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook is one of the many examples of email migration which is becoming common these days among organizations and individuals across the world. At times, you might need to access Lotus Notes NSF files in MS Outlook due to professional requirements. But you cannot do the same because MS Outlook supports only PST format. You need to convert NSF files to PST format to access them in MS Outlook. Learn more

Lotus Notes users are often found to encounter some tricky situation such as Error 0X1a5. This error is designated for missing of directory parameter within NSF file. It is quite common that user tries to initiate the Domino Server, but fails to activate it. This is where error 0X1a5 pops up.

The reason behind popping-up of such an error is missing “Directory=” parameter from “.ini” file. This error needs an immediate attention because missing directory cannot encompass the entire NSF file. The other infamous reason for 0X1a5 is presence of maintenance files in excess in partitioned server. Learn more

At this phase of time when e-communication within an organization plays a vital role to carryout seamless workflow, usage of multiple email programs have become quite common these days. When multiple email programs are used, often the need of sharing emails arises. In such conditions, users connect the two email programs and share emails.

Today, Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are very commonly used email applications at professional level. To connect these programs and to export nsf to pst, Microsoft Transporter Suite is used that helps Lotus Domino to migrate a mailbox from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Although, this methodology to export nsf to pst works wonderfully Learn more

Problem may arise when mail flow from Lotus Notes to a Microsoft Exchange server does not function correctly. Moreover, while you experience this trouble, the process of conversion stops and you cannot restart it. This behavior can be temporarily curbed using application of the Exchange 5.5 Server Service Pack 4 (SP4), but then the Exchange Notes Connector service will stop functioning. This process is also applicable to Exchange 2000.

When you experience this behavior, many errors are logged in the Exchange connectivity browser logs, few are listed below:

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Lotus Notes is one of the most popular email clients, developed by IBM Software Group. In fact, it is an integrated desktop client program which can be easily used to easily access valuable emails, applications, and calendars on IBM Lotus Domino server. The important point to note is that Lotus Notes successfully stores all the vital and important data in NSF file. As a user, you can easily specify the size of NSF file based upon your need. Although, you got to note that in case the size of NSF file approaches specified limit, it get essential to compact the database to prevent database corruption. Learn more

Similar to Microsoft Office suite, Lotus Notes is also an application suite developed by IBM. It consists of e-mail, calendar and schedule, address book, database, web server and programming components. Lotus Notes uses NSF (Notes Storage Facility) file format. At certain times, you might want to access the NSF files in Windows Outlook. One cannot proceed towards it without changing the file format. The manual method of converting NSF to PST consists of two parts, namely, Export Lotus Notes NSF files’ data and Import the exported data to MS Outlook.
Follow the steps below to export Lotus notes NSF file’s data: Learn more